Whats going on brother??? / by Bindaas

Dear Cyclops,

Whats going on? No telephono? You seem to be having so much fun eh? I know you are thinking of me, and getting news that people here on earth are bearing the blows of global warming, too much snow, rebelling on the streets of Egypt and watching the Sensex and Nasdaq fluctuate like the needle of a lie detector.

While you, lucky fool get to roll around in an unlimited supply of brown bread with butter and such relentless heavenly pleasures.

Me, I like you just roll around all day, and try not to be bothered by these earthly strifes, or human indulgences. Just spend my time as much as possible concocting worlds that people have not seen yet, building platforms that have not yet been invented, and create forms yet to be discovered, in between balancing my life as a human. Which sometimes can be taxing. But loved ones always find a way to support me, and I am thankful for them.

But incase you want to reach out, you know my number. You just gotta dial the digits and Ill be here, happy to hear from you.