Multiple Personality Order is the experimental collaboration  with dancer/choerographer Svea Schneider in the Gallatin and Tisch NYU Dance studios in 2010. 

Using neon tubes, black costume and lots of tape, we created three creatures of anonymous identity in the blackness of space. As well, one having no sex - a gender neutral character. 

Here, we were exploring our reactions to the fast growing magnitude of social media sites, identities and their corresponding relational society it was creating on the virtual realm. 

Inspired by many sci-fi novels and films, Multiple Personality Order is aims to address how we are creating new imaginary identities, hiding our true selves in the blind spot of technological equations to reality.  How these characters are sometime controlling us sometimes. 

For me, as a photographer, expanding my practice into forms of new media, video and installation. This project was particularly interesting. I wanted to create all effects in camera itself, and trick the eye into believing it is a CGI or Animation. 

A lot of it was play, and definitely, Svea's impeccable timing and ability to understand the camera has resulted in a innovative approach to capturing and editing. 

To see it all, please watch the final video below 

Group Shows 2011

  • Test 1  : World Dance Final Show : Gallatin NYU Hall
  • Test 2 : Highline Ball Room : NYC 
  • Performance : Ladies of Hip Hop Festival : Peridance NYC