Dont Shoe Me

2009 - 2013

It was a crispy New York Sunday morning in 2009, when Prutha and I embarked on a journey that is Don’t Shoe Me. A true collaboration experimental style in the age when blogging was just coming into fashion. Many streets, many styles and many years later. Our latest shoot, directed portraiture. Prutha walks around Williamsburg, Brooklyn and asks strangers to style her from the contents of her Pandora’s closet Ikea bag. And I composed the resultant senarios, the madness of the street and the flamboyance of young American engagement.  The afternoon ended in front of Senka Funeral home. We are basking in the sprinkling sunshine of confetti to as celebrating a beautiful collaboration with New York City! 

Find below a few images from our journey in 2009 - 2010

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