REM..... / by Bindaas

Dear Cyclops,

I had a dream last night that you were still alive. And things were just the way they used to be, and we were all innocent untouched by time, unbarred by the limitation of change. We were far from being jaded and had no scars, just open plains and lush fields in which we ran wild and free. 

In the dream, I remember looking at you and laughing in surprise as you casually reappeared as a part of the posse; Rani, Khandu, Iris and Rafique were all just scurrying around, as we sat and had cheese toast and tea outside. I thought to my self when I saw you; "Of course, he has made it again," we all thought that this time too Cyclops is going to die, but we were so wrong! Of course he is around! He will always be! 

So, there, I just replicated you as a figment of my imagination, and you were breathing like you were just born yesterday. Speaking of retaining a strong sense of immortality within, I spent all weekend incessantly cleaning, and organising, and sweeping, and most importantly, throwing away those little things that somehow hold me back, and prevent me from having faith in the spirit as opposed to physicality, which can build up like a dangerous mountains of souvenirs, which clutter and crowd my surroundings and prevent my mind from truly being free. Free, so i can concoct stories of immortal pleasure, and eternal dwellings. 

I remember, before I took you to the doctor to put you down, I had taken a video of you, I captured you onto my chip so you could never escape our bond of presence and absolutely pleasurable company. I attempted to put you into a pixelated construct, because you were about to evaporate from the celluloid one. It was a moment of pure selfish devouring of a moment, that was way past its legitimacy, as it was clear that you wanted to go, you had to go, and even though your mother is so healthy and alive, your time had come, and that was the truth. So after a few weeks. I looked at that video of you staring into the camera, of what I thought was you saying good bye, and what you thought you were saying... only you know. I hit delete, and felt liberated. 

So thanks for calling, it was indeed beautiful to re-live that fantasy for a while, a fantasy that was once a reality, which now has passed away.