Conversation Pieces: New York, Pune & Vienna / by Bindaas

Conversation Pieces is an experiment in time and space between 3 performers in three different cities. Svea Schneider , Artistic Director of KINEMATIK Dance has choreographed as well as produced  the performance in New York, Shraddha Borawake has directed and produced the film in collaboration with VFX Studio - Anibrain in Pune, India and Katrin Blantar  has shot her and performed for the film in Vienna

Inspired by overheard conversations on the street, Conversation Pieces a multi-disciplinary attempt to interpret and contextualize the fragments of culture recorded in New York, Pune and Vienna. Crossing geographic boundaries over three continents, Conversation Pieces is a humorous and thought provoking interpretation of diverse segments of lives in three localities within a global context. 
Conversation Pieces  strings together out of context words, sentences, phrases and images to give them new meaning in continuity; when translated by bodies, movement and video. In totality it exists as a live performance with projected media.

Watch the film here

You can see the performance here :