Prakash's Campaign / by Bindaas

4rd AUGUST 2012 

 Photo by Sachin

Photo by Prakash

 Photo by Sachin

In this assignment, we were going to stich 3 images. The one above, for the kite. And the one below for the main model who is captured as though he is flying away with the kite. 

Since Prakash was interested in cut and paste, we captured images accordingly. 

Dipti spent Sunday morning with us at the office teaching the children as well as taking photos. 

We changed the color of the kite, and learnt how to use the clone stamp the next day. And crafted the final campaign. 

 Art Director: Prakash
Copywriter: Prakash, Roshan, Arjun,Rahul, Pradeep.
Contributions by Jaswinder, Sachin, Sunny and many others.