Homework! / by Bindaas

4rd AUGUST 2012 

On Saturday morning, Ramesh and I met the boys Prakash, Rahul, Sunny, Jaswinder and some newcomers. They had evidently bunked school, and 2 of them had brought back amazing concept sheets. It was a very beautiful begning to an exciting day. We were all charged up to realise these ideas. 

Since I had not shown this group the Dove Evolution film, Pradeep was amazed and now was interested in exploring cut paste options as he was keen on learning photoshop. My challenge was to translate both the written and visual material into a solid concept for the ad campaigns. 

Prakash's Concept Sheet
"In Khirki Masjid, we fly kites, and we chat with our friends" 
"The old style Khirki Masjid ---> The Brand New"

Rahul's campaign 
"World's Best Top Spinner in Khirki Village"

   Our enthusiasm was then shut down within half an hour of the session by some digruntled authorities of the masjid, who asked us to leave and thus disapating our group. The kids went to bum around, leaving was just the 3 of us. Ramesh, Jaswinder and me

This one on one session with Jaswinder was very valuable. Owing to the complexity of the assignment, I was able to truly explain to how to concept, visualise and brand the mosque. 

 Jaswinder played with the Mark II, we had all the time in the world. This portrait of Ramesh is taken by him.

Photos by Jaswinder

Jaswinder's Concept Sheet
"Khirki Masjid is best place for hide and seek and other out door games"

After lunch we headed to the mosque and translated his idea in a dress reherseal with Andi, while the other children were being gathered.