Aath Minar - Eight Minar / by Bindaas

5th AUGUST 2012 

Sunday afternoon was chaos....

Some photo enthusiasts were being snap happy

Photo by Roshan
A lot of experimentation was at play, in camera that too. 
It was very impressive. 

Since this was the first day of participation for  Roshan, Arjun, Siddhart, Pradeep & Sachin, they drove the campaign for the facade from Prakash's concept sheet which had two topics. One was the kites and the other was his compelling line the Brand New Khirki Masjid. Therefore, in the spirit of the advertising focus, we decided to create an elevated version of the dilapidated mosque and apply more ideas of digital manipulation. 
Collectively we chose the befitting picture. 

Art Director: Prakash, Roshan, Arjun & Sachin
Copywriter: Prakash & Sandeep 
Contributions by  Siddharth Kumar, Pradeep Kumar & Radha. 

 Then there was more photo explorations, some on the computer and some on the camera.

Photos by Roshan, Arjun & Pradeep

While working on Radhas cmapaign

Everyone got a chance with the mouse, and watch aspects of the image dissapear with the use of the clone stamp.

Radha was the only girl in group. Sometimes the boys teased her, and sometimes helped her out.