23:23:23 / by Bindaas

I am very intrigued by the number 23! 


We took our first shot on the dawn of 18th April 

Then the next day more production

The following week an intense edit for first cut

This was when the director stepped in and revamped the entire production

With a bigger team we headed by to the ashram....
Added new scenes and sights with the help of the very talented Rohit More...

Solidified content with the help of the great Goraksh Nath....

And after much hard work....

Cut, paste, clip, trip, cross dissolve.....

22 days later.....

It was time to render....

After an over night run...on the 23rd day.... May 11th

  Voila....the film was complete at 23:23:23 

A Krushak Ashram Film was ready for sound track
Written and Directed by Shriran Supnekar
Produced by Neeta Supnekar
Cinematography by Shraddha Uday Borawake
Camera 2 Rohit More
Edited by Goraksh
Guest Appearance by Grizzly

Now waiting to return to Pune to hear the magic produced by the music guys.