You know... / by Bindaas

someone said over tacos today. "New York just rips you out. It takes out all your issues and lays them on them smack on table,"...crunch as I bit into a tostada at Mamita's contemplating the Swede's advice.

This town..says Frank Sinatra "is a lonely town"..... snap......I bit into a chilli seed, it sizzles on my tongue...."not the only town, like thissss toowwwwwnnn".

This town is a make you town, or a break you town and bring you downtown...said Bowtie drunk and trying to balance on the L train after accidentally bumping into a former employee. OOPS!

But this town is a quiet town, for a riot town, this town, said Mathias while standing on the stoop of his shop on 9th street, I giggled under my umbrella.