String of Nonsense / by Bindaas

   I got sucked into a world of no barriers. I was everything and nothing at the

same time, everyone and no one simultaneously. A valid and an invalid suspended on

the delicate string of nonsense. My feet getting cut by the lucid line. I tight rope walked

between the fluctuations of being and not being.

   This string was actually a bridge, that connected two peaks of the Aravalis. Point

A and Point B. Point Happiness, Joy, Existence, Designer babies, Love, Pleasure, the

captured hog, the well fed family, Saks Fifth avenue gift coupon and vast fields of little

yellow lilies. And the other Point Sadness, decrepit pitbul flashes, oozing claws, mange,

scabies, Cyclops, Saks Fifth Ave gift coupon, hate, disease, charred lungs and that ditry

geko that always stuck around the tube light.

   As I juggled back and forth between ying yang, Frida, Turner, sub liminal to

uber hyper realistic authentic official business callings. I stopped to smoke a cigarette.

There I was, the souls of my feet cutting through the string, as my first two toes curled

themselves around the diameter of the thing that was preventing me into falling into the

Vaitrani river. The river of death.

   But, Im on top of the world, so I should feel like that. Like im on top of the world.

But how could I be. The minute I was soaring high in the sky, following with my keen

eyes, the reigns of that gecko always reeled my back into the sick existence that depended

on glue and light. As the tar has satisfactorily sedmented in the base of my life source,

I moved forward, or backward depending whether in that split second I was going from

Point A to Point B or vice versa.

   It all depended on the whether I was about to swoop down and capture that cobra,

and take a big bite of the poisonous hood, or wether in my cocoon, I was morphing into

something so delicate and beautiful that existence started and ended in beauty and

nothing else.

 The problem was, what the hell was I going to do with this Saks Fifth Avenue gift