The Eye.. / by Bindaas

I wonder what this lamb is thinking about? Are its thoughts structured the same way as ours? Or does its imagination live in another realm of understanding that we humans are not capable of imagining? Is it dreaming about the green bunch of leaves it will eat or does it wonder about the touch of that hand? Should it run to the bunch of greens or what is that sound? 

Or does is think in that split second in its superfast language inside its head?
How vast is this universe, and in those unattainbly abstract expanses of matter and immaterial incomprehensible stratospheres of reason or nothing where exists its true and real end?

Suddenly the lamb sees something teaming and multilplying under its eyes in a sqaure of neon pink. And forgets about explorations of vast and beyond.

Maybe a lamb sees through a lens of another kind, that is not by seeing blindly by the mechanics of the brain in conjunction with the eye.