Confessions.... / by Bindaas

While searching for a pearl in a rocky shore with his curious barbels, an adventurous catfish got caught.......between a hard place and a really really hard place....with its body getting seriously serrated by the sharp corners of reef and drift wood as it struggled to escape. 

Finally, after much strife in skirmish anxiety, a friction between its flesh and the rock resulted in having its guts just spilled out. 

A beach wanderer in search of hermit crabs under the rocks saw this unexpected body of turmoil.


She cleaned off the sand, hacked off the fins, snapped off the head, excavated the innards, chopped off the whiskers, popped out the eyes, scooped out the gills, sheered off the fat and finally.... slowly.... and carefully sliced pieces with precision the fate of the very flesh found in muddy waters. So then after rubbing salt, chopping mint and coriander, crushing garlic, squeezing lemon and adding the garam masala. 

The fish was left to marinate.