A Special message for a special someone who is embarking on a great journey.... / by Bindaas

..currently fast asleep in DC.

There is, indeed, a distinction between creative art and visionary art. It parallels the difference between the artist who is an observer, or reporter, and one who is a participant in the creative process - a matter of investment or soul involvement. 

All artists are able to display their craft without the exertion and engagement that marks a performance from the soul. An artist can simply project his or her persona while remaining detached from the performance and the audience. But if you are "working sounds" - if you are involved in something that engages you; confronting your own prejudices, fears, and limitations, rather than merely presenting what you already know, feeling your own discomfort and taking that discomfort into the terrain where the truth exposes you- then you are quite possibly in the territory of the vision. You are close to grasping the mystery of the healing. You are then, only then, within the reach of the gift that you can bring back to the world.
- Cultural Pilgrimages and Metaphoric Journey by Suzanne Lacy.

All the best!