Nothing like... / by Bindaas

lunch in Uday Baug...

Nothing Like Lunch at UB from Shraddha Borawake on Vimeo.

In these times of experimentations, explorations, new horizons, old habits, unfamiliar HD video indulgences and lip smacking ghevdyachi bhaji makings by Mukta Bai. I thought, why not inaugurate this fortunate blessing of great piece of equipment with some appreciation and nostalgic film making of a simple afternoon while looking forward to an even more simple lunch in an extra ordinary state of mind that being safe and relaxed at home!

Then I thought to myself, if somehow this video could lure a certain crazy scuba diver that I know of, who could find in his ambitious spirit the zeal to swim one day; north Atlantic via south Atlantic via Indian ocean to the Arabian sea, I am sure a half ecstatic half beside herself sea creature women would be standing under an umbrella on marine drive to escort him to one of these lunches in the wilderness thicket of Cyclops's and Brownies and Rani's and cows and buffaloes and bats and berry sellers. 

That would just be too beautiful!