The Last 7 O’ Clock Show2014

Duration : 4: 32

I was truly inspired by the work of Director and Producer Trupti Bhoir. In 2013 she conceptualized a truly public art and cinema production called ‘Touring Talkies’. A layer-cake true to its form, the film, its outreach, display and dialog juggled many realities and myths. A script that was mirroring her journey of the documentation and fictionalization of experiences that the rural Maharashtrian travelling cinemas ensue.

This is my documentation of the last 7 O’Clock screening of the film in Pune city under Mahtre bridge. A slow fading relic of a past india on the brink of extinction. Overall, a brilliant and awe inspiring attempt at having a meaningful dialog about the certain truths and beauties of Maharashtra and India.

Photography, Editing & Direction : Shraddha Borawake

Sound : Sumona Bose