Krushak Ashram2013

Duration 23:57

This project is truly a propaganda 3rd cinema vernacular approach to truly speaking to the farmers of Maharashtra. Krushak Ashram, a refuge and place of study created by Shrirang Supnekar and family in Satara. The film created for the understanding of how the ‘culture’ aspect of agriculture in Maharashtra has skewed the sustainability of best organic practices. I cannot say much,except this film was seen by 40,000 farmers all over the state. I was blessed to be such a large part of this project.

Directed by Shrirang Supnekar

Camera:  Shraddha Borawake

Editing : Gorakshnath Khande, Shriranf Supnekar & Shraddha Borawake

Line Production: Shraddha Borawake

Sound: Aditya Borawake & Saagar

Produced by Shrirang Supnekar and Neeta Supneka