Around A Life In 80 Years

Duration : 34:04

My first large film commission. Working with a 80 year old muse! 

How does one encompass the true success of a diverse individual. Who has earned many accolades but never considered it a trophy. A man who has consistently embodied his unbending faith . A loyal executor of his visionary guru - his brother. A self-made businessman keeping up with the times. Who consistently adorned his unique style.  Orphaned at the age of 11, an Indian who fleed Pakistan in 1947. Takes us on an enlightening journey of duty, adventure and universal love.  

This film has been a real learning on archiving, documenting and representation, as I worked on the biography of Pune's eminent personalities Mr Bahri Malhotra. 

Directed by Shraddha Borawake

Sound Manav Malhotra

Edited by Manav Malhotra & Mayank Susngi