Aman Setu - The Peace Bridge 

Duration 8:39

I was excited to script and direct this film purely because of Madhavi Kapoor. Founder and Director of the Madhavi Kapoor Foundation. A pioneer in contemporary, inclusive and holistic pedagogy in Pune. Aman Setu is the most recent school located in Wagholi. Here the values taught and bred through the structure of the school are creating thinkers, philosphers, artists and well rounded generation of tomorrow. 

Hopefully this film will elaborate more. This is my portrait of the school and concept of Aman Setu. 

Directed by Shraddha Borawake

Camera : Rajeev Dharavath

Sound : Siddesh Scindia 

Production : Nirmaan Productions

Music : Aditya Borawake and Saagar