I lied... / by Bindaas

 Dear Cyclops,

Its spring, and I am cleaning again. This time, not my closet, not my drawers, but my memory cards. As I was going through those 4 gigabite chips, backing up, making sure that I had download everything before I delete the information from one storage device to another. I was making sure, that the information had indeed been transferred to a safe place before deletion. In this process, I came across many surprises. All of which have tested and challenged my memory, and organizational skills. Firstly, when formatting many chips, I realised that I wasnt sure, if i had transfered the images earlier to some inconspicuous place in the unending vortex of my many many hard drives. Or was I confused between my ability to recollect their location on those drives as opposed to their location in my main hardrive; my brain.

After much checking and double checking, I realised that what I thought I had stashed in a safe place, wasnt really the case, as well as what I thought I had erased, still oddly remained!

So here we are again, talking to each other through a pixelated construct. What separates us now is not corporeal distance anymore, but a temporal, spiritual, and an unimaginable distance.

What separated me from you then, was a thin line of life, one that you were barely hanging onto and me on the other side, barely feeling madly in love with. We were in the same space, with that one powerful line, demarcating the existence of two individuals who had vastly disparate equations to reality.


And just like that, you leave the focal frame, and just like that, you disconnect and just like that i continue filming hoping you will turn around, and just like that you pass away, and just like that I delete you, and just like that you reappear, and just like that I still remain so surprised, so confused, so nostalgic and so incredibly philosophical.